Current Projects

we are currently actively involved with the following projects in New Zealand and Chile.


New Zealand Hydropower Projects

Normanby Power Station, 1.5MW:

The Normanby Power Station was initially built in 1903 and abandoned in 1967. Resource Consent was obtained to rebuild the scheme in 2010 and is located at the site of a tourist attraction known as dam dropping where people slide down the face of the dam. The Scheme features a tunnel which cuts under a highway from the dam through the Normanby loop."

Check out the video of the the Normanby scheme below:

Wanganui Power Station, .5MW:

The Waitahinga hydropower scheme is based on an old water supply dam which supplied the city of Wanganui until 2002. The dam was built in 1905.

Taihape Power Station:

Renewable Power Ltd have been working with the Taihape Community Development Trust since 2011 to develop the Hautapu hydropower project located in the township of Taihape. This project is based on an abandoned hydropower scheme which was built in 1913. The proposed scheme takes advantage of an existing weir and water tunnel dropping 10m to the powerhouse site returning water to the Hataupu River 1.2km downstream of the weir.

Chilean Hydropower Projects

Balalita Hydro Project, 25MW:
The Balalita Hydropower Project is located near the scenic resort city of La Serena. The project takes advantage of the large fall in the river Rio Turbio. The project was first proposed in the 1980′s. Renewable Power are developing the project through an association with Spanish firm, Grupo Enhol,

Futrono Hydro Project, 5MW:
The Futrono Hydropower Project is located in the lakes district of Chile on the Rio Quiman. Rio Quiman feeds the scenic Lago Ranco near the city of Osono. Renewable Power are developing the project through an association with Chilean firm, HydroWac y Cia.
El Arrayan Hydropower Scheme, 1MW:
The El Arrayan Hydropower Project is an operating site in the scenic lakes district in the South of Chile. The project has been suppling reliable energy to the local community since the 1930s. Renewable Power are operating the project through an association with Chilean firm, Good Energy,